The Police Athletic League, together with Berkeley Heights law enforcement, community, supports and inspires our local youth to realize their full individual potential as productive members of society.

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Rec Softball Registration Now Open
by posted 01/18/2022


Registration for 2022 BH PAL Recreation Softball program is now open and will close at the end of day on 3/15/2022.  Parents can regsiter their daughters for Rec Softball here.

The Berkeley Heights PAL will sponsor Recreational SOFTBALL teams during the upcoming 2022 Spring season. This is a program open to all girls from 1st to 5th grade who are interested in softball - regardless of experience.  There are no tryouts - all players that sign up for rec will be rostered on a team!  If your daughter has expressed interest in softball, the spring rec program is a great entry into the game.

Teams from Berkeley Heights will play in the Mountainside Rec League with teams from Mountainside, New Providence, Springfield and Garwood.  The Mountainside Rec League has 2 divisions based on Grade Level: 1st/2nd (Coach Pitch) and 3rd-5th (Player Pitch).   

There is currently not a division for Kindergarten age girls.  If your daughter is in kindergarten or Pre-K and is interested in playing, please email Jason Joly at  .  If there is enough interest at this grade level, a Pre-K/K instructional team can be formed. 

The season will run approximately from early-April to early June.  All games are played on weeknights (1-2 per week) – but there are not set nights for the games each week.  Attendance at practices is encouraged and the schedule for practices will be based on field availability and the coach’s schedule.  

All 8u and 10u Heights Heat Travel players are strongly encouraged to also participate in Rec to get extra field time and at bats. 

PLEASE REGISTER ASAP as it takes time to form teams and complete all of the administrative tasks involved.  The cost to participate is $155.00 and covers league fees, umpires, team equipment and supplies, and a Uniform Shirt. Individual player equipment (glove, helmet, bat, heart guard shirt, cleats etc.) is purchased separately by each player as needed.  There is a $10 discount if you register by March 15th.

If you are interested in coaching or have additional questions please email Jason Joly at 

Thank you!



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Heights Heat Softball Registration Open
by posted 01/11/2022


What is the Heights Heat?
The Heat is the travel softball program sponsored by the Berkeley Heights PAL.  This is a competitive program where teams from Berkeley Heights will play teams from other surrounding towns in various leagues.  

Who can play?
The Heat softball program is open girls ages 6 to 15.  Since this is a competitive program, previous softball experience is preferred.  Players with little to no experience may be eligible to play if there is room on the roster within their age group and ability level.  Please contact Jason Joly if you have questions about if this is the right level of play for your daughter. 

What is the time commitment?
Players should be available for at least one practice per week and 1-2 games on weekends (Games are often doubleheaders during the Spring season). Practice will start in late March and games will begin in early April.  The playoffs will conclude by Memorial Day.  

How are teams formed?
Team rosters are based on age requirements from USA Softball.  Here are the age division breakdowns for the spring season and summer seasons. 

14U (14 and Under):  Players born between 1/1/2007 and 12/31/2008
12U (12 and Under):  Players born between 1/1/2009 and 12/31/2010
10U (10 and Under):  Players born between 1/1/2011 and 12/31/2012
8U (8 and Under):      Players born on or after 1/1/2013

Team rosters within each age bracket will be organized by skill level using tryout evaluation data.  We hope to field at least one team for each age bracket and will add additional teams if registration levels allow.

Tryout Info
Tryout dates are being finalized and will be announced soon.  All players will be required to attend a tryout for the spring season in order to be placed on a team.  Tryouts will be run by independent evaluators and will assess throwing ability, fielding skills, hitting and baserunning.  We will also assess pitchers and catchers during the tryout.  Please review the BH PAL Tryout Policy for more info on tryouts.

What are the differences between the divisions?
8U: The 8U division is a competitive instructional league with modified rules that allow players to learn the game while developing their skills.  Coaches pitch to batters from their own team and Coaches are also in the field with their teams on defense to teach players.  An 11-inch ball is used at the 8U level.

10U: The 10U division is the first-time players face pitching from opposing players.  Pitchers will throw from 35 feet and an 11-inch ball is used.  This division still has some rules modifications to help keep the game fun while players continue to learn the rules and strategies.  

12U: At the 12U level, the rules modifications are removed and teams play under high school rules.  Pitchers throw from 40 feet and a 12-inch ball is used.  

14U: At the 14U, teams play under high school rules.  Pitchers throw from 43 feet and a 12-inch ball is used.  

How much does it cost to play?
The cost of the program is $225 but there is an early payment discount of $25 if you register by January 22nd.  The fee covers league/tournament fees, umpires, team equipment and supplies, etc. Uniforms and individual player equipment are purchased separately as needed.  

How do I register and what is the deadline?
You can register HERE.  Registration is open until January 29.  There is a $25 early payment discount if registered and paid by January 22nd.  

I have questions – who can I talk to?
For additional information, please e-mail Jason Joly at  or call 917-701-8077.




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Calling all Kids! Register now for Spring Baseball
by posted 12/03/2021

Registration is now open for Spring 2022 In-town Recreation Baseball!

Rec baseball is fully inclusive of boys and girls in grades K-8 of all ability levels.  No registrant is cut or needs to try out, all kids play.  Baseball programs are offered by grade with registration fees as follows:


  • T-BALL:  for children in Kindergarten and kids age 5 as of April 1, 2022.  This is an introduction to baseball where participants will learn how to hold and swing a bat as well as field and throw a baseball.  There are no umpires, no score is kept, no playoffs.
Fee of $145 includes an 8-10 game/practice schedule with team shirt and hat.
  • ROOKIE:  1st and 2nd grade coach pitch  (40' mound & 60' bases).  A continuation of instructional baseball.  Again, no umpires and no scoring or playoffs.
Fee of $145 includes an 8-10 game schedule with team shirt and hat.
  • MINORS:  3rd and 4th grade kid pitch  (46' mound & 60' bases).  Fundamental growth continues with basic rules added to simulate real baseball game situations.  Competition is introduced with scoring maintained and playoffs at the end with a champion rewarded.  There is also a league all-star game offered in May.
Fee of $160 includes an 8-10 game schedule with team shirt and hat.  There is one umpire per game, playoffs and an all-star game offered.
  • MAJORS:  5th and 6th grade  (50' mound & 70' bases).  Player development continues with additional, more complicated baseball rules applied in these years.  Scores and standings are maintained with playoffs and a champion.  There is also an all-star game offered in May.
Fee of $175 includes an 8-10 game schedule with team shirt and hat.  There are two umpires per game, playoffs and an all-star game offered.
  • BABE RUTH:  7th and 8th graders, or 9th graders 15 years of age as of April 1, 2022  (full size diamond - 60'6" mound & 90' bases).  All the rules of baseball are enforced as the kids transition to the full size diamond.  Scores and standings are maintained with playoffs and a champion rewarded.
Fee of $175 includes an 8-10 game schedule with team shirt, hat and pants.  There are two umpires per game with at least 1 playoff game guaranteed.

T-BALL & ROOKIE (K-2nd Grade): Click here to Register!

MINORS (3rd-4th Grade): Click here to Register!

MAJORS & BABE RUTH (5th-9th Grade): Click here to Register!

Q - When are spring Rec games and practices?
A - Practices are at each coach's discretion and based on field availability.  There will be at least 1-2 games scheduled per week.  Team rosters and schedules will be released in mid March.
Q - When is opening day?
A - April 2, 2022
Q - Do I need to register for PAL Rec to participate in the Heights Travel Baseball Teams?
A - Yes.
Q - What equipment do I need to purchase?
A - Each player should have their own glove, helmet and bat.  Cleats, protective cups and heart guards are highly recommended for safety.  All legal bats should carry a USA Baseball stamp to ensure safety.
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Registration Open! Boys Lacrosse
by posted 11/14/2021

Registration is open for the Spring 2022 Berkeley Heights PAL Boys Lacrosse!


Practice: (2-3 per week) starts in late February, with games running from late March through late May. Practices and games will generally be scheduled on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday pending on field and referee availability.

Games: Each team will play approximately 12 games, plus 1-2 tournaments.


All players will need full lacrosse equipment: lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, cup, and mouth guard. New to Spring 2022, ALL FIELD PLAYERS are required to wear shoulder pads that meet NOCSAE Standard ND2000. Please reach out with any equipment related questions at .


The program is open to all Berkeley Heights and Mountainside students in grades 2nd- 8th(we expect to have one team per grade (except a joint 4th/5th grade team).

Grade 2: NEW to BH PAL Lacrosse for 2022, we are offering a 2nd Grade Only Team. These grades are still in need of coaches. We would like to have a head coach and 2 assistant coaches. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact BH PAL Lacrosse Commissioner, Andrew Morris at . If we cannot identify enough coaches, then trainers may need to be used to further support these teams at an incremental cost.

Grades 4 and 5: Due to anticipated lower numbers of 4th grade participants, we will be offering a joint 4th and 5th Grade team . This team will play a 5th Grade schedule, similar to past years when grades do not have enough participants to fill a team.

Grade 6: These grades are still in need of coaches. We need a head coach and 1 assistant coach. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact me at If we cannot identify enough coaches, then trainers may need to be used to further support these teams at an incremental cost.


There is a league requirement that all PAL Boys Lacrosse participants are a
member of USA Lacrosse. Please make sure that your player is registered and that their membership
is up to date. You will be required to include the player’s USA Lacrosse # as part of the PAL Boys
Lacrosse registration. The link for the US Lacrosse website is below.

Click Here to Register for BH PAL Lacrosse

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