The Police Athletic League, together with Berkeley Heights law enforcement, community, supports and inspires our local youth to realize their full individual potential as productive members of society.

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The Berkeley Heights PAL offers year round recreational and travel baseball programs following the Call Ripken and Babe Ruth Leagues.

  • T-BALL:  for children in Kindergarten and kids age 5 as of April 1, 2021
  • ROOKIE:  1st and 2nd grade coach pitch  (40' mound & 60' bases)
  • MINORS:  3rd and 4th grade kid pitch  (46' mound & 60' bases)
  • MAJORS:  5th and 6th grade  (50' mound & 70' bases)
  • BABE RUTH:  7th and 8th graders, or kids 13-15 years of age as of April 1, 2021  (60'6" mound & 90' bases)

For current information and resources on Cal Ripken (ages 5-12) and Babe Ruth (ages 13-15) Leagues,

including: full rules, legal bats, approved equipment, pitching charts and age eligibility, click here.


The Rec program runs every spring, early April - mid June and is meant for boys and girls K-8 of all ability levels. This program is full inclusion, meaning no registered player is left off a team.  Instruction and enjoyment are prioritized.  The rec program is less competitive in grades K-2 and gradually becomes more competitive in grades 3-8. There are typically at least two games scheduled on weekday evenings. Tee ball games are played on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. The Rec program allows kids to play and interact in an organized environment where they can learn how to be teammates, how to win with class and how to lose with dignity. Youth baseball can be a building block for many important life skills.


Spring & Fall Travel programs run every March - June and early September - mid October. These travel teams are designed for the more competitive players with a desire to compete and develop their skills in the game of baseball. ‚ÄčParticipation in the Rec program is required to be on any Travel team roster. All travel players typically receive playing time at the coach's discretion, and may rotate through various positions to gain exposure. A higher level of commitment is expected at the Travel level with multiple practices and games scheduled each week. Placement on a travel team does not guarantee future placement, tryouts will be used to determine teams, and then teams will be entered into leagues and tournaments based on ability levels. BH PAL will make as many travel teams as possible based on the number of kids that register.


The Summer Travel program runs every mid June - mid August and is meant for the most elite and competitive baseball players, with the goal of challenging each player to the apex of their abilities. Playing time is at the coach's discretion and not all players may receive equal playing time. The summer program is very competitive.  Full player commitment and parent cooperation is expected through the summer months.


Tryouts are free of charge and are offered every May and October. Parents will receive email invitations to register far in advance of the tryout date.  All tryouts are conducted by independent evaluators with no connection to the baseball program, travel coaches or parents.  Kids can tryout for their grade based team and/or their age based team (if they have a birthday after May 1).  Teams are created based on tryout results.  The RED team will be comprised of the top 10-12 players (12 players maximum, could be less).  A NAVY team will be formed only if there are enough players and coaches registered and interested.  Refunds will be issued to any player that registers, but is not placed on a team.


Winter clinics and workouts are optional and do not affect a player's standing on any team. Communications will be sent thru the program and coaches at the appropriate times for those that wish to work on their skills during the off season.


Berkeley Heights Baseball is about Fun, Inclusion and Excellence. The more our kids play and learn about the game, the more enjoyable it can become for them.  The PAL strives to include all kids with a desire to play, and we will do everything we can to keep kids playing baseball at a level that they are comfortable.  We will consistently push our participants to excel; to be better players and to be better teammates.


Youth Baseball Commissioner

Michael Garcia -